Xtreme Clutch Introduces Latest Performance Upgrades for Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7

Xtreme Clutch is pleased to announce the introduction of the MK7 Golf GTI performance upgrade range.

The Volkswagen golf is quickly becoming one of the best tuning platforms on the market with a wide variety of aftermarket upgrades available for the vehicle to increase horsepower and torque. With this increase in power comes the need to increase the clamping force of the clutch whilst also reducing the mass of the kit for improved throttle response.

The Xtreme Clutch range has been designed as the ultimate solution for VW Golf’s with increased power and torque. The range incorporates a variety of multi-plate and single plate upgrades for various levels of engine enhancements and vehicle uses.

The single plate range is available with a 240mm friction disc, alloy cover and performance flywheel. These are ideal for cars with minor performance modifications such as aftermarket tuning, exhaust and some turbo upgrades. Available in organic, ceramic and carbon, these kits offer a solution for vehicles driven daily or dedicated track cars.

The multi-plate range has been based on the 230mm alloy cover range of modular clutch kits from Xtreme Clutch. These kits offer very high clamping force for high torque vehicles. Used in applications with very high-level engine enhancements such as significant turbo upgrades or high horsepower motorsport engines. These kits are available in organic, ceramic and carbon allowing for very high horsepower street and track vehicles.

Coming soon – if you have any questions about the new Xtreme Clutch please, contact us!